In honor of all that is November (my birthday, Thanksgiving, Nanowrimo, PitchWars agent show case,) it’s an appropriate month to share good news and do something fun….like….

Launch a newsletter & start blogging on my new website!!

But first we must celebrate with:



I would love for you to sign up for my newsletter & go on this writing journey with me! What can you expect?

It won’t be anything too regular but when I have news you’ll know before my cheeky neighbor and you’ll have first dibs on:

Newsletter: Giveaways * Writing & querying tips * BOOK & AGENT UPDATES * Speaking Dates (like next month at the US Consulate in China!) * FREE short stories!

On the Blog Soon… * Discussions on Global YA with some super talented American and International Authors (coming soon!) *My latest BOOK obsessions * Sneak Peeks of my own novels.

It’s been my desire to kick start my own website for awhile now and both stepping out and giving back to the community in the month of thankfulness just feels right.

Here’s how the sign ups and giveaways will work:

November 10th, Win a Query + First 5 pages Critique OR a free e-book  If you subscribe to my Newsletter on this website (go to home page and find a pink box, insert your email address!) you will automatically be entered to win. *Giveaway is open now until Nov 10th and ebook options will be given to Winner.

On November 10th, I’ll announce the winner and provide the details for the next Giveaway on November 17th, which will get even better, and so on! Then a final Giveaway on November 24th! *Stay Tuned…

I’m also celebrating that I’m finally brave enough to share my writing with anyone, everyone, YOU. Can’t do this without you…Thank you AUTHORS, readers, and friends.

And now….going back to work…rocking this year’s Nano WIP, Sixteen Kryptonite Letters!!!


PS: What are you working on? What are you reading?

*Currently reading : Last Star Burning by Caitlyn Sangster


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