Thank you to everyone who signed up for my newsletter! ! Congrats to Sylvia Melton who won my first giveaway!

Here are the details for Giveaway Part 2!

Twitter Love. Basically, follow and retweet this post, which I’ll pin up, to readers, writers, and anyone who loves YA! (And if you haven’t, I’d love for you to subscribe to the fancy newsletter that is on every page on my website within a pink box! It’s not necessary for this giveaway, tho!)

What’s the giveaway? First ten pages + Query Critique OR two fun journals from China! *International ok.

The winner will be announced November 15th! Thanks again, everyone!

If you haven’t read why I’m doing this please go to this post. 

Global YA Discussions with super talented International & American YA authors and Sneak Peaks of my NOVELS to come!

Happy November to you all!

Be Thankful.


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