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As you may have picked up on, YA or Young Adult Books & it’s readers & writers & communities—are spinning webs around the world connecting us in new ways. As a way to appreciate that, I’ve asked some International and American authors to share what that means to them. This week and next will be filled with their responses! We would love to hear YOUR responses too! Either comment below or send me your response on my contact page. Read the original Global YA post here.

Today’s Global YA American Author, is Lorie Langdon, author of The Doon Series,  (which I loved and devoured very quickly), Gilt Hollow, and her upcoming book, Olivia Twist! This lady is just like her characters: relatable in every way! You will want to connect with her, she’ll feel like a good friend the minute you do.

To learn more and sign up for her newsletter visit: www.LorieLangdon.com, and check out my interview with her here.

So, Lorie, What does Global YA mean to You?

Photo Lorie Langdon

For me, Global YA means knocking down boundaries. Never before has literature been so accessible to people around the world. Social media means I can interact with a reader in the Philippines, or New Zealand, or in my own town with the same ease. And global retail sites like BookDepository.com mean readers all over the globe have access not only to ebooks, but physical copies as well.

I think being able to see through the eyes of characters from different races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds, not only gives us insight and empathy for others, but destroys prejudices. My upcoming release OLIVIA TWIST, portrays the vast contrast between Victorian England’s high society and the destitute living right under their noses. Writing a heroine who has a foot in both worlds and does everything within her power to help the less fortunate has opened my own eyes to the impoverished of our world, and I hope it will do the same for my readers.

My co-authored DOON Series is set in Scotland and depicts a fantasy kingdom that ‘calls’ people from around the world to create an idyllic global community. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but when we read books that give us understanding into philosophies and societies different from our own, I believe it brings us one step closer to that beautiful unity!

– Lorie Langdon

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