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As you may have picked up on, YA or Young Adult Books & it’s readers & writers & communities—are spinning webs around the world connecting us in new ways. As a way to appreciate that, I’ve asked some International and American authors to share what that means to them. This week and next will be filled with their responses! We would love to hear YOUR responses too! Either comment below or send me your response on my contact page. Read the original Global YA post here.

Today’s Global YA International Author, is British-Mauritian author Kester ‘Kit’ Grant, a truly global woman and YA rockstar. Her upcoming debut, the first book in a trilogy, A Court of Miracles, will come out in 2018 with Knopf Randon House. She’s my PitchWars Alum writing bud, and if her witty personality doesn’t make you love her instantly than you’d better take another look. For a glimpse into Kit’s global and rebel life, look here.

So, Kit, What does Global YA mean to you?

I think new era’s in YA literature such as the inclusion of more diverse and ownvoices narratives can only ever be a positive thing. I, for one, grew up devouring literary classics where I barely ever saw anyone who was brown like me – unless it was a racist or trope heavy stereotype. My personal “revenge” has been to take what I loved from the classics and reimagine them with characters of diverse backgrounds – whilst retaining a narrative true to the era.

When I look at the world today I get very angry at the injustice. I’ve also found that people who are full of hate are not very inclined to listen or be open to change. My personal response is to write my truths down in the hope that it might change the hearts and minds of the younger generations that read my story, so that’s where I focus my message and feelings about the ugly and wrong things I see around me.

Although YA is a space that is growing and evolving, as a non-American I am hopeful that the genre will make room for more international authors and the rich perspectives voices and influences they can offer. You see some of this in the film and TV world, where (for example) English and European series, and Chinese or Indian cinema can win awards and be considered some of the world’s best contributions to the genre.

~Kit Grant

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