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As you may have picked up on, YA or Young Adult Books & it’s readers & writers & communities—are spinning webs around the world connecting us in new ways. As a way to appreciate that, I’ve asked some International and American authors to share what that means to them. This week and next will be filled with their responses! We would love to hear YOUR responses too! Either comment below or send me your response on my contact page. Read the original Global YA post here.

Today’s Global YA International Authors are the young and fearless Canadian authors, Sarena and Sasha Nanua, authors of The Pendant Trilogy, PitchWars Winners, amazing book bloggers, Publishing interns, and We Need Diverse Books Spokeswomen, and who also recently signed with a fantastic literary agent!

So, Ladies, What does Global YA mean to you?
First off, thanks so much for inviting us to your blog, Nova!
We love the idea of books being able to transcend time and space. That’s what makes books almost literally “immortal”; especially with the boom of eBooks, we will always have a record for books that have been published. “Global YA” to us means that these books can reach people in any time period and (most) locations across the world, and these books can profoundly affect people. Global YA is being able to reach through the pages and touch readers that might be completely like you, or completely unlike you. We were born and grew up in Canada, and so being Canadian is a major part of our identities; some people might see that in our books, and some might not. We are also Indian, and in our newest manuscript, we’ve created an Indian-inspired world and tried to make it feel fresh and real. To us, it shouldn’t matter what genre you’re writing–contemporary or high fantasy–but that world and those characters should always feel real, as if you could see, sense, or smell the world you’ve entered.
We guess that’s where “Global YA” comes in–being global is not just about spanning cultures and nations, or being international, but it’s about being intertwined–it’s about seeing how our lives are interconnected. To us, YA can bring people together, show us the ups and downs of growing up. In that way, YA has always been “global,” because it can unite people from everywhere around the globe, and can show us identities and cultures that need to be seen. The WNDB movement does a great job of this. (And that’s why we *LOVE* YA, and seeing more and more diverse books being published!)
Sarena & Sasha
If you haven’t already, get to know these inspiring young authors here on twitter or on their website. They love chatting books and writing–and you can’t find anyone kinder.
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