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As you may have picked up on, YA or Young Adult Books & it’s readers & writers & communities—are spinning webs around the world connecting us in new ways. As a way to appreciate that, I’ve asked some International and American authors to share what that means to them. This week and next will be filled with their responses! We would love to hear YOUR responses too! Either comment below or send me your response on my contact page. Read the original Global YA post here.

Today’s Global YA International Author, is Amina Mae Safi, debut author of Not the Girls You’re Looking For, which will come out June 2018. She’s a writing ninja and explores all kinds of amazing projects like screenwriting/film, magazines, feminism, art, and more. Learn more about her here.

 So, Aminah, What does Global YA mean to you?

So, I’m such a comic book nerd, but I just saw the new Thor movie and in it there’s a line, “Asgard is a people not a place.” And I think that’s what Global YA means to me. You don’t have to be in a specific place to read about cultures and experiences beyond your own. You can connect with readers and writers from around the world– through a love of the same books, the same genre, the same stories. Maybe it’s because I’m the daughter of an immigrant, but I love the idea of a community being people, rather than any one space. Story helps us find our common humanity.


Aminah Mae



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