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As you may have picked up on, Young Adult Books (YA) & it’s readers & writers & communities—are spinning webs around the world connecting us in new ways. As a way to appreciate that, I’ve asked some International and American authors to share what that means to them. This week and next will be filled with their responses! We would love to hear YOUR responses too! Either comment below or send me your response on my contact page. Read the original Global YA post here.

Today’s Global YA Author is the upcoming talented and adorable debut author, Gloria Chao. Her book, American Panda, will come out February 6, 2018. Look for it! For someone who currently lives in the land where Pandas roam, I’m eagerly anticipating this book!

So, Gloria, What does Global YA mean to you?

Global YA, to me, refers to fiction that is relatable to readers all around the world regardless of race, gender, or environment. While no one book can represent all aspects of someone’s life, there can be global themes throughout. For example, although my book, AMERICAN PANDA, captures the story of one Taiwanese-American teen, it also explores experiences that are virtually universal, including difficult family relationships, coming of age, and not quite belonging.

I’m thrilled to see how far young adult literature has come in uniting everyone, and I’m honored to be a small part of it. I hope it continues and we have more and more books so that eventually, teens can see all aspects of their lives represented in some way somewhere.


* Want to connect with Gloria or learn more about her books? Go to her website here –for writers she has some killer posts on EVERYTHING from writing to agents to calls to submission to publishing. Go glean!





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**What does Global YA Mean to you?

**Where and what are YOU reading?


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