Friends: Writers, Travelers, Photographers, Dreamers, Conquerors, and Explorers — this contest is for you!

On my International Writing Workshop Page there is a small note that says: Win a Free Trip to Tibet. Let me share more about that–because it is LEGIT! 

It’s amazing how your dreams inspire other’s dreams, and how we need each other to realize these dreams.

For awhile now, our awesome sponsors & dear friends at Extravagant Yak, a high end tour company specializing to Tibet, have wanted to put on this writing contest. With the buzz of International Writing Workshops & best-selling authors coming to Chengdu, they also decided now was the time!! (And “Write A Novel 2018 Workshop” best-selling authors, Lorie Langdon, Carey Corp, Laura Frances, and Ellen McGinty will help read and select the winner!)

Go here to read the details!

Essentially, the Travel Contest is simple: write a 1-2 page story on the theme of Transformation and spread the word.

Benefits of entering? You get to practice writing; share your story; your work is read; if you get selected for the top ten you will have your word read and critiqued by best-selling authors and published in various locations, you could win an amazing trip, and by paying the entry fee you will be able to support the growth of Tibetan small businesses. What is not to love about this contest?!?!?!?!

This year is a year of dreams. If yours is to write, take photos, explore, get our of your daily routine, try something new, travel, get published, push yourself in new areas, then give this contest a try!

Love & Books,



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