I love stories. Reading, writing, and hearing them. Words are powerful. They make us brave. They change our lives. At least, they have mine. Another top secret reason writing is one of my great loves is that… I can do it anywhere. Even in a yurt.

Other things you should know about me:

~ The world is my living room. *See Explore page

~ Devouring books while consuming coffee or tea (in any cultural form) will never grow old.

~ The ocean will inspire me forever.

~ Meeting and talking with people from everywhere will forever be my collection of jewels.

~ Rain (I’m from Seattle) is dreamy and it motivates me.

~ I’m a language pirate. *I’ve stolen (ok, studied) too many. When I’m old I’ll mix them all together and won’t make any sense. (It’s already happening!)

~ I’m married to an amazing photographer/craftsman.

~Sleep? What’s sleep? I’m a mom! My two small kiddos think hopping continents and plane rides are as normal as vegetables. Their make-believe games usually consist of some yummy (or weird) multi-cultural food and traveling to obscure regions.


Social Media? Books I like? Yes. Let’s talk. Find me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, The Spinning Pen, or Facebook.


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