~ I’m a helpless nomad and culture nerd. The world is my living room and my top secret reason that writing is one of my great loves is that… I can do it anywhere. Even in a yurt!

~ I write YA/MG contemporary and fantasy. Why? Words are powerful. They move across borders. They make us brave. They change our lives. At least, they have mine. *I’m also a PitchWars Alum and the founder and host of the YA reader & writer blog – The Spinning Pen. *

~ Devouring books while consuming coffee or tea (in any cultural form) will never grow old. Ask me which kind of coffee I’m drinking now…

~ The ocean (any ocean) will inspire me forever–but especially the Pacific.

~ Meeting and talking with people from everywhere will forever be my collection of jewels.

~ Rain (I’m from Seattle) is dreamy and it motivates me. Thunderstorm, anyone?

~ I’m a language PIRATE. *I’ve stolen (aka, studied) too many beautiful and complex languages. When I’m old I’ll mix them all together and won’t make any sense. (It’s already happening!)

~ I’m married to an amazing photographer/craftsman. See his site here. Did you know Gail Carson Levine’s hubs is a photographer too? Coincidence? I think not.

~Sleep? What’s sleep? On top of everything else I do, I’m a mom of two small kiddos who think hopping continents and plane rides are as normal as eating vegetables. Their make-believe games usually consist of some yummy (or weird) multi-cultural food and traveling to obscure regions.


Social Media? Books I like? Yes. Let’s talk. Find me on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, The Spinning Pen, or Facebook.


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