Calculated – Contemporary Young Adult. 

Hidden Figures + The Count of Monte Cristo 

Eighteen-year-old math prodigy, Jo, could predict all the possibilities around her—except the betrayal of her family. Now, taken captive by the world’s most wanted smuggler, she must use her gift for much more than just escape.

The Never Vows – 
Contemporary Young Adult. Dual POV

Listen, Slowly + Anna and the French Kiss

17-year-old Korah Richards has written a list of Never Vows (rules to live a normal life in one city) to ensure never becoming like her globe-hopping, activist, American diplomat parents. Her plans are ruined when she’s forced to return to America for her senior year. Her dreaded senior project — along with a boy named Jude get in the way of her keeping her Never Vows and she discovers she’s more like her parents than she thought.

18-year-old culinary talent, Jude, does not do “close.” He hasn’t since his dad snapped. His dream to be a chef is the last thing holding him together, until he almost loses that too. The pain of being the child of an alcoholic parent pushes him to confess to Korah, a girl who will soon leave the country and take his secrets with him. He thought he had his feelings under control, until he develops some for Korah.


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